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Saudi Arabia zionist Grand Mufti(!) Calls for Destruction of Churches

The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia has called for the destruction of all churches in the Arabian Peninsula, claiming that the move is in line with Islamic law.
The call comes days after ISIS militants published images on Twitter showing attacking an ancient church and cemetery in Mosul, northern Iraq, and weeks after an MP in the Persian Gulf state of Kuwait announced plans to introduce a bill forbidding the construction of new churches.

The senior Sunni cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, told a delegation from Kuwait on Tuesday that it was “necessary to destroy all the churches of the region,” according to the Arabian Businesses news website.
Barbaric ISIS terrorists target Christian history by another blow to Iraq by using explosives to destroy the 4th Century Mar Benham monastery.
The ancient building, built by Assyrian king Senchareb 1,600 years ago, stood in the Christian-dominated town of Bakhdida, just 20 miles south east of oil rich ISIS stronghold Mosul.

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