SARC: Aid convoy enters Douma city in Damascus countryside

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20140402-205826_h5368471Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) teams, in cooperation with UN offices in Syria, have managed to get an aid convoy into Douma city in Damascus countryside.
According to the organization, 14 trucks entered the city, loaded with 1, 000 food baskets 2,821 sets of sanitary tools, baby napkins, towels, tissues, soaps, 40 boxes of peanut butter, 80 boxes of high-energy biscuits and a number of reproductive health kits.
SARC saidaid is enough to accommodate 5, 000 people, hoping to reach larger numbers next time as a lot of people in Douma city are in dire need of aid.
The Syrian Arab Red Crescent, in cooperation with international organizations, provides monthly assistance to nearly 2.6 million people in Syria.


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