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Russia ensures Israel that its weapons won’t be given to Hezbollah



Alexander Shane, the Russian Ambassador to Israel has said during an interview with Interfax news agency, that his country will not transfer weapons to Hezbollah.

Shane said that Israel gave Moscow its “red lines” about events in Syria, which included transfer of arms to Hezbollah and the establishment of a Hezbollah or Iranian base in the Syrian Golan Heights.

“Russia explained to Israel how it thinks the crisis in Syria can be solved in order to unite all forces in the war against terrorist groups and establish a steady future for Syria by Syrians themselves,” said Shane.

Shane added that Israel understands was his country is doing in Syria, “but for them, the best thing that can happen is cooperation between Russia and the United States—and not Russia and Iran—to solve the crisis in Syria and the fight against terrorism in the Middle East.”

According to Shane, “Israel sees Iran as the biggest threat and cause of instability in the region.” he added that “Russia promised Israel that Russian weapons will not make it to Hezbollah. Israel wants a deal between Russia and the United States to end the war in Syria.”

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