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Rouhani: Today we need unity more than any other time

President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday ‘Today we need unity more than any other time, as we can achieve our lofty goals if we consider ourselves parts of a single nation.’

Addressing a gathering of Sunni scholars and elites, he reiterated all mankind are of a single origin and nobody can say that he is superior to another and the only yardstick for superiority is piety, as Qur’an says.

“Shia and Sunni have common book, Qibleh and traditions, as their commonalities for unity are numerous and differences are very small,” he said.

Rouhani also said that Qur’an says that all monotheists as well as those believing in God live together and maintain unity.

Noting that all ethnic groups have shown their solidarity and unity on fateful days, the chief executive said that Islamic Republic is one of the fateful events of the Islamic Iran in which all the Iranian people played roles.

Elsewhere in his speech, Rouhani said that ill-wishers claim that the target of their pressures is the Iranian government not the Iranian nation. But when they created obstacles in providing medicine, wheat, gasoil and fuel, which one was subject to pressure?

Of course, the Iranian nation managed to attain self-sufficiency in producing wheat and gasoil and it will be self-sufficient in producing fuel by the end of the current Iranian year, he said.

It is a source of happiness when the Americans wanted to condemn the Iranians for the first time in the face of a political move, all the world, except several tiny states, withstood it and this is a great success for the Iranian nation, he said.

Today, the Americans have no excuse for mounting pressure on Iran, as it has remained committed to its pledge and respect global norms while the other side has violated international regulations, Rouhani said.

Describing global consensus against the US as a great success, he said that fact that the Americans take a resolution against Palestine and Gaza to the United Nations Security Council and only they themselves vote for it and the other 14 members vote against or abstain is a big accomplishment for the Palestinian nation and Muslims and the entire region.

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