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Rouhani: Iran to continue support for Lebanon, Syria & Iraq

Iran President Hassan Rouhani has reiterated Iran’s support for Lebanon, Syria and Iraq for restoring stability to the region.
Hassan Rouhani received Lebanese deputy-prime minister and Defense Minister Samir Moqbel on Sunday in Tehran. President Rouhani emphasized fighting terrorism in the region and reiterated the country’s support for what he labeled as ‘nations fighting terrorism,’ including Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Rouhani underlined Lebanese national unity, resistance and solidarity, and expressed hope that these attributes would discourage the Zionist enemy to undermine the sovereignty of Lebanon.

“We invest much hope on the national sagacity of Lebanese including Shias, Sunnis and Christians and other tribal communities to act as one body to support territorial integrity and glory of Lebanon,” Rouhani told Lebanese deputy-PM.

Rouhani criticized countries supporting terrorism in the region. “A great error of judgment in part of these countries and some others in the west is their continuous support for terrorists; they should understand that no terrorist group would prove to be a good means in their hands to improve western upperhand in the region,” president asserted.

“Islamic Republic of Iran believes that terrorist groups should be destroyed and taken out of the region to stop their criminal acts, and for this end, we need the cooperation of countries in the region,” he urged.

Rouhani praised Lebanese army conduct in dealing with Takfirist terrorists and congratulated them on the feat. “The Lebanese have made many successes in recent years and for this, they have won the epithet of ‘resistant nation,’” he added.

Samir Moqbel said that today other groups fought in the region along with Zionism, and that is Takfirist terrorists. “Today, all Lebanese tribes and parties are unanimous in fighting terrorist groups, and the army is capable enough to respond to this demand,” said Moqbel, “to save Lebanese international borders on place, and we should improve intelligence forces, where we have always seen effective support from the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

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