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Prisoners in Israeli jails boycott Red Cross visits


In protest against the Red Cross decision to cut down family prison visits to just once a month, Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails announced their refusal to receive the organization’s delegates during their visit on Thursday.

According to a statement by the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS), the prisoners decided not to meet Red Cross delegates and to return meals in response to the organization’s reduction of monthly visits.

The prisoners called on their families and the human rights bodies to rally outside the Red Cross headquarters in protest at the decision. “We were taken aback by a decision that was made at a time when the Red Cross is expected to take up its humanitarian mission vis-à-vis occupied peoples and the prisoners’ cause,” the prisoners’ statement read.

“Despite our attempts to get a compelling justification for the decision, the Red Cross has only provided us with fake excuses,” it added.

“Following a round of negotiations, the Red Cross turned up a proposal put forward by the prisoners and suggesting that the detainees take charge of the costs of the second monthly visit while the organization takes up its role in coordinating and making necessary arrangements for the visit,” the statement further read.

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