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President Rouhani warns against Takfiri terrorists promoters


The Zionists and arrogant powers who provoke extremism in the region will ultimately suffer the consequences of their actions, President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday.
He made the remarks in a meeting with the family of martyred defender of holy Shia Shrines Hamid Reza Assadollahi.
By promoting divisions and extremism the Zionists and arrogant powers want to plunder the resources of the people in the region, Rouhani said.
But they will have to ultimately bear the consequences of all the atrocities committed by the terrorists, the president said referring to the Zionists and arrogant powers the main promoters of terrorism in the region.
The defenders of shrines sacrificed their lives to defend Muslims and the honor and prestige of the Muslim nations, Rouhani said.
The President hailed the Jihad and efforts of all those people who fight the Takfiri-terrorism in the region.
In a separate meeting with the family of another defender of shrines Saeed Sayah Taheri, he said that defenders of shrines are not only defending the holy Shia shrines but also they are defending their nation and country.
Rouhani also drew a parallel between what the Iraqi deposed dictator Saddam did during eight years of an imposed war against Iran and what the Takfiri terrorists are doing today.
The cruel actions committed by the Takfiri terrorists demonstrate that they are far worse than Saddam, Rouhani said.

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