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President Bashar al-Assad: Syria’s future will change world political map



The future of Syria will change the political map of the world, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with the Iranian Tehran Foreign Policy Studies Quarterly quoted by SANA news agency on Tuesday.

“The future developments in Syria will have an impact on the political map of the world,” the president said. “Syria’s victory will bring about the spread (in the world) of ideas of independent development, which the West fears most of all,” Assad said.

“Liquidation of terrorism in Syria will influence all peoples of the globe,” the Syrian president believes.

Assad says he does not rule out talks with terrorists if it helps stop bloodshed in his country:

“It is true that it is inadmissible to deal with terrorists but if dialogue can help stop bloodshed, it must be done.”

The Syrian leader stressed that the government army cannot combat terrorists “without popular support.”

US and hegemony

The United States is imposing wars in order to establish their hegemony across the globe, making strikes at those countries that reject this policy of Washington, according to Assad:

“The US unleashes wars with an aim to impose its hegemony on the entire world, and attack the states that resist this.”

He said Washington was also trying to use these methods in Iran, and is doing the same in Syria:

However, the US has been suffering a defeat on all directions since the times of World War II, however having “succeeded in creating numerous problems (across the globe) and destroying entire states.”

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