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President Assad slams Erdogan over Turkish Army incursion in Syria



Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad did not refrain from telling an RTP TV journalist on Tuesday his feelings about Turkish President Erdogan and his army’s illegal incursion into Syria.

When questioned about Erdogan’s comments regarding his interest in both Aleppo and Mosul last week, President Assad called the latter a “sick person” and a “megalomanic” that is out of touch with reality.

“You’re talking about sick person; he’s megalomaniac President, he is not stable. He lives during the Ottoman era, he doesn’t live in the current time. He’s out of touch with the reality,” the Syrian President stated.

Turkey’s illegal presence in Syria has drawn heavy criticism from Damascus, as they continue to push south of the border towards the east Aleppo town of Al-Bab.

While the Turkish Armed Forces have avoided the Syrian Army and their air defenses, they have often targeted the Kurdish-led forces in northwestern Aleppo and northern Al-Raqqa.

Should the Turkish-backed rebels capture the town of Al-Bab, a war could develop between the latter and the Kurdish-led “Syrian Democratic Forces” (SDF) over this area.

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