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PM: Syrian people is the core of Syria’s steadfastness

20140306-004235_h531584-300x201Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, stressed that the core of Syria’s steadfastness during the ongoing crisis is the Syrian people and the Syrian Arab Army which is protecting the homeland and fencing it against the invaders.
During an interview with the Syrian Arab TV, Al-Halqi said that the steadfastness of the state institutions and providing the basic living requirements have maintained the continuation of the homeland and its steadfastness, particularly the institution of the government and the People’s Assembly and above all the institution of the army and the jurisdiction.
Al-Halqi added, “In wars, crises and carnages, there are no organized plans as the government resorts to tactical and political strategic handling to confront emergency cases.”
The Prime Minister clarified that the economic siege and the difficult circumstances going on in Syria made the government think of many alternative solutions to supply the Syrian people with the requirements of steadfastness.

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