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PM stresses necessity of permanent assessment of new laws to meet citizens’ aspirations

20140303-221539_h531178Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi, stressed the necessity of permanent assessment of the newly issued laws and decisions to meet the aspirations of citizens and develop the administrative and governmental sectors as to boost the capacities of the national economy.

Meeting the People’s Assembly Complaints and Petitions Committee, Dr. al-Halqi pointed out that integration of the legislative and executive authorities’ roles during the current stage has proven feasibility, effectiveness and positive impact on the life of citizens.

He underscored the government’s commitment to deal with all issues of citizens and provide them with the living requirements.

The Prime Minister added that the economic laws, decisions and policies and the development programs adopted by the government are aimed at meeting the aspirations of the homeland and citizens.

Members of the committee stressed the importance of communication between the legislative and executive authorities to achieve positive results that enhance partnership and serve the interests of the homeland.

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