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PM: National plans and strategic programs to enhance agricultural sector set up


The government has set up national plans and strategic programs to develop the agricultural sector and reduce the heavy losses inflicted upon the sector which constitutes an essential pillar to achieve self-sufficiency and food security, Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi said Monday.
Addressing participants at the opening of the Farmers General Union Council’s session, al-Halaqi underlined efforts exerted to establish food and agricultural industries to meet needs of local market, including seeds, fertilizers, agricultural products and fodders.
He stressed the importance of external markets to promote local agricultural products, particularly in the friendly countries, highlighting the key role of popular and vocational organizations, as well as farmers and their adherence to their lands in facing terrorism and enhancing the steadfastness of the country.
The premier reiterated the government’s keenness on supporting agricultural sector and continuing subsidies policy to reach the largest number of people.
The participants tackled numerous issues to upgrade the agricultural sector and the shortages caused by the unjust economic war, calling for providing fuel to carry out agricultural and developmental projects in rural areas and unifying its price.

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