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PM affirms importance of bolstering economic and trade ties with China

20140407-184842_h537662Prime Minister Dr. Wael al-Halqi stressed the importance of bolstering economic and trade relations with China as to match the political ties.

He reiterated call for Chinese businessmen and companies to hold investments in the petroleum sector in Syria, establish industrial cities and build power plants.

During his meeting on Monday with the outgoing Chinese ambassador in Damascus, Zhang Xun, al-Halqi said that Syria will be rebuilt by the hands of the Syrian people and with the support of friends, hailing China’s firm stances on the unfair global war waged against Syria.

He added that China has been standing by the international legitimacy and seeking to prevent colonial monopoly of countries that support terrorism and takfiri thought.

He said the government is keen to bolster economic ties with China and benefit from the great economic potential of China for backing the Syrian economy and helping it hold under the economic war facing it.

Premier al-Halqi lauded Xun’s role in expanding Syrian-Chinese relations, pointing to a growing Chinese role on the international arena that it is now constituting, together with Russia and BRICS countries, an influential axis that has a stabilizing influence on the world security and stability.

Dr. al-Halqi presented a review of the government’s promising future projects during the stage of reconstruction that cover the fields of electricity, telecommunications, industry, agriculture and technology The Chinese ambassador, for his part, reiterated China’s support for Syria, expressing confidence that Syria is headed to an imminent victory over terrorism.

Oil Minister, China’s Ambassador discuss bilateral cooperation in oil sector

Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Souleiman Abbas discussed with the Chinese Ambassador the prospects of bilateral cooperation in the oil and gas sectors.

During his meeting with Xun, Abbas said that his ministry had begun to develop plans to rehabilitate infrastructure and pursue oil exploration operations , expressing his appreciation for the continued work of Chinese companies despite the current circumstances and unjust economic embargo imposed on Syria .

“Companies of friendly countries will have priority to invest in Syria ,” Abbas stressed, calling on Chinese companies to invest in the country.

For his part, Xun stressed the possibilities of creating opportunities for cooperation with the Syrian side in light of the positive developments on the ground.

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