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PLC holds session at Gaza harbor in commemoration of Freedom Flotilla



The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) held a special session at Gaza harbor in commemoration of the sixth anniversary of the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla and in protest at the continuation of the siege on Gaza Strip.  Ahmad Bahar, the PLC’s First Deputy Speaker, demanded the world to lift the siege on Gaza and to establish a seaport in the coastal enclave. He warned the Israeli occupation of an upcoming explosion in the Strip because of the Israeli violations of humanitarian and international laws as well as Geneva Fourth Convention and human rights.

He elaborated that 40% of the inhabitants of Gaza live under the poverty line while the unemployment rate reached 45% in 2015 due to the Israeli siege which has been in force for 10 years.  Rafah border crossing with Egypt has not been opened except for 24 days on exceptional conditions in 2015. Bahar called on the Palestinian Authority and Fatah Movement to work honestly on regaining the unity of the Palestinian people.

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