Photos of pro- rallies

Photos- Syrians take to streets to pay homage to army

20140406-194337_h537344 (1)Citizens in al-Haffeh area and the adjacent villages in Lattakia countryside turned out in big numbers to express support to the Syrian army and commitment to the principles of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.
Waving national and al-Baath Party flags, the participants voiced unwavering support to the Syrian army which is fighting terrorism all over Syria, expressing allegiance to the principles and values of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party which is celebrating the 67th anniversary of its foundation.
The participants said the Syrian people are headed to a decisive victory over the conspiracy targeting their country.
Lattakia governor, Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Kader said the citizens of al-Haffeh are proving, once against, that they won’t relinquish their history and national belonging no matter what.
Secretary of al-Baath Party branch in Lattakia, Mohammad Shreitah said the Party, since its foundation, has laid the groundwork for a new Syria and focused attention on protecting the homeland and liberating occupied lands.
March in Qamishli in support of army
A massive march in support of the Syrian army was organized at Saba’ Bahrat Square in Qamishli city in Hasaka province, with the participation of political, social, economic and public figures.
The participants who streamed in from several areas in Qamishli city and countryside expressed pride in the Syrian army which is offering the dearest of sacrifices for Syria to remain invincible agaisnt conspiracies and terrorism.
Hasaka governor, Mohammad Zaal called on the citizens of the governorate to stand fast in the face of the crisis, affirming that the achievements of the Syrian army have brought victory closer.
Secretary of al-Baath Party branch in Hasaka, Khalaf Ayed al-Mehshem said the march is a token of support and appreciation for the Syrian army and armed forces who are writing down chapters of unequalled heroism and patriotism.
Sweida artisans stage sit-in in support of army
The artisans in Sweida province organized a sit-in to express support for the Syrian army in the war against terrorism, with the participation of Minister of Tourism, Bisher Yazigi.
The participants expressed unswerving loyalty to the army and readiness to offer sacrifices to consolidate the homeland’s dignity and security.
They waved national flags and held banners extolling the Syrian army and emphasizing national unity, voicing commitment to the independent national decision in the face of the conspiracy targeting Syria.
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