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Photos- Syrians erupting in enthusiasm as election date approaches

20140525-210233_h546487 (1)With resolve unshaken and undaunted by an escalating wave of terrorist attacks intended to rob them of their joy, the Syrians continue to take to the streets and squares and organize activities in daily outpourings of enthusiasm ahead of presidential vote set for June 3.
Participants in a solidarity stand organized in Tartous affirmed their commitment to fully exercise their right in choosing their president against all odds.
The stand saw a martyr-honoring ceremony where a number of martyrs’ family members were honored in commemoration of their everlasting memories.
A number of martyrs’ relatives expressed optimism in an imminent victory over terrorism whose path the blood of their loved ones has charted.
Elsewhere in Tartous, similar activities were organized in the Industrial City, al-Mitras town in Safita city, and in Banias.
Meanwhile, the Kurdish National Movement for peaceful change distributed brochures to citizens at the Omayyad square in Damascus, showing the importance of taking part in the presidential elections.
The brochures, which raise the motto of “together towards new Syria”, urge the Syrian citizens to cast their votes in the ballot boxes.
Secretary General of the Movement Ali Omari said in a statement to SANA the Movement organized this initiative due to the importance of the upcoming constitutional process to send a blow to anyone who tries to interfere in Syria’s domestic affairs.
A ‘Homeland’s Tent’ was set up in Quneitra, where the participants stressed that Syria is coasting to a decisive victory over terrorism.
They said the Syrians are determined to quash terrorism in their country down to the last terrorist, affirming that broad participation in elections will crown the army’s successes on the battlefield.
Meanwhile in Sweida, a festival was organized at the Teachers’ Syndicate in support of elections and the Syrian army’s operations against terrorists.
The participants, who waved national flags and chanted national slogans, said they will head to the ballot boxes on June 3rd to prove that Syria is, and will always remain, indomitable and unbowed.
Another rally was held in the village of al-Soura al-Saghira to express support for the elections, expressing fealty to the homeland and solidarity with the army defedning Syria from terrorism.
In Homs countryside, thousands of citizens of al-Dabbousiyeh and neighboring villages took to the streets in support of the presidential election process.
The participants raised the Syrian flags and pictures of candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad and chanted slogans that express their full support to the Army in its war against terrorism.
The participants pointed that taking part in the upcoming presidential elections means would be contributing to the building of the future of modern Syria.
In the same context, citizens of al-Qabo and neighboring villages in the northern countryside of Homs gathered to express their absolute support to the presidential elections and Army.
A Syrian flag with a 10-meter high flagpole was raised atop the Syrian Arab Socialist Party building in the town, with the participants declaring support to candidate Dr. Bashar al-Assad as he is the safety valve for Syria’s security and stability.
Also in Homs, a popular festival and cultural activities were held at Mohammad Jamal al-Durra Center in al-Insha’at neighborhood.
The participants expressed support to the Syrian army and the presidential elections slated for June 3.
Artistic shows and sports shows were featured by sons of displaced families who were forced out of their homes by terrorist acts.
The people of al-Naisiye town and neighboring villages in Talkalakh area also rallied in the town square to express support for elections and candidate al-Assad, saying he will guarantee victory over terrorism.
Miscellaneous activities were organized in al-Slalibeh neighborhood, Jableh and Kalmakho towns in Lattakia, with crowds of citizens exalting national unity and voicing resolve to take part in the forthcoming elections.
The participants said the upcoming elections are an embodiment of the Syrians’ will to preserve their independent decision and safeguard national principles.
Religious figures affirmed in speeches delivered during the festival that Syria will remain true to its reputation as the land of coexistence among all faiths and sects no matter how hard extremists try to drag it into a quagmire of religious strife.
In Hasaka province, a rally was organized by patriotic parties at the Arab Cultural Center in Qamishli city to voice support for the elections.
Representatives of the Democratic Arab Solidarity Party, the Syrian National Youths Party, the People’s Party, and the Youth Party for Justice and Development voiced support for candidate al-Assad as the candidate who can guarantee Syria’s unity, security, and safety.
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