PHOTOS: Syrian Army seizes hundreds of mortar shells at Jaysh al-Islam’s huge ammo factory in east Damascus

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On Sunday, the Syrian Army uncovered a huge ammunition factory in Damascus’ East Ghouta region that had been built and operated by Jaysh al-Islam prior to the militant group’s recent ejection from the area.

Within the factory, Syrian security troops found many hundreds of homemade mortar shells of different calibers in various states of completion – mostly just missing their explosive filler (obviously for safety reasons).

The factory was located in the district city of Douma – Jaysh al-Islam’s former east Damascus stronghold and the last location from which the rebel group was removed.

According to Al-Masdar News journalist Ibrahim Joudeh, tens of hidden weapons and ammo storage sites once used by Jaysh al-Islam within Douma are yet to be discovered. He added that the process of doing this will likely take weeks.


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