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Photos- Mass rallies in support of Army and national principles

20140225-200721 (1)Thousands of Banias residents on Tuesday took to streets in a mass rally to express support to the Syrian Army.
The participants, marching in the marine Corniche, voiced support of the Syrian Arab Army in its confrontation of terrorism, as they also stressed support to the firm national principles.
Citizens in al-Qurdaha city voice support to Syrian Army
Citizens in al-Qurdaha city in Lattakia countryside took to the streets in support of the Syrian Arab Army in facing the armed terrorist groups and the conspiracy targeting Syria’s unity and integrity.
The participants in the march also voiced support to the firm national principles.
Huge mass march in Qaryatin town, Homs countryside
Citizens in al-Qaryatin town and the neighboring villages in Homs countryside took to the streets in support of the Syrian Arab army in confronting the takfiri armed terrorist groups and the firm national principles.
Massive March in al-Jibbeh square, Damascus in support of Syrian Army
The citizens in al-Jibbeh square in Damascus city staged a massive march in support of the Syrian Arab Army in repelling the armed terrorist groups.
Holding posters of President Bashar al-Assad and waving Syrian flags, the participants in the march expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the martyrs and chanted slogans in which they stressed adherence to national unity.
They highlighted that terrorism will never dissuade the Syrians from supporting their country and its army, adding that their area was immune to all attempts to ignite sedition and spawn terrorism.
They stressed that Syria will emerge from the crisis stronger thanks to the will of its people and the sacrifices of its army. They also expressed support to the reconciliation process in the Syrian lands and rejection of foreign intervention attempts and the so-called “coalition”, which doesn’t represent the Syrian people at all.
March in Masaken Barzeh in Damascus in support of Army
Residents of Masaken Barzeh, for displaced persons from the occupied Syrian Golan, took to the streets in a massive march in which they hailed the sacrifices made by the Syrian Arab Army to restore security and stability to all areas and enable displaced families to return to their houses.
In a statement, the participants vowed to confront terrorism until security and peace prevail again in Syria, adding that the march proves that the people of the occupied Syrian Golan will not abandon their country or its leadership or army.
They highlighted the importance of supporting the army as the way to overcome the plot and restore security.
Massive march in Hama in rejection of terrorism, support of army
In Hama, locals of the area of Kirnaz and the surrounding towns poured to the streets in a massive march in which they expressed support to the Syria Arab Army and rejection of the acts of the armed terrorist groups.
They expressed their loyalty to the homeland and readiness to defend in at all costs, adding that the marches across the country have unmasked the fakeness of the allegations made by the terrorists, adding that the terrorists aim at undermining the culture of the Syrian people and the Syrian original heritage.
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