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Photos: Latest ISIS Horrific Killings which can only be done by Inhuman zionists

After burning a live Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, ISIS started its campaign of terror by methods more savagely than beheading. In this GRAPHIC story we briefly to some save killing.
Maybe some photos disturbing for viewer .
All of this crimes is done after burning Jordan pilot a live.
1- In February 10, 2015 ISIL Sets Alight Bodies of the Martyred Iraqi Army Fighters
It is reported that after a heavy defeat in Samarra trying to blow up the citiy’s damp, ISIL Takfiri terrorists set alight the bodies of
the martyred Iraqi army fighters.
2- Photos: ISIL Beheads Father and Son in Iraq (GRAPHIC) (ABNA)
ISIL beheaded an Iraqi father and his son on charges of helping the Iraqi Army against ISIL takfiri forces today. Over the past
months the so-called Islamic States’ brutality has increased culminating in the burning of the Jordanian pilot alive.
3- Horrific ISIS video shows prisoner killed with shotgun in Syria (Khaama Press (KP)) – Afghan News Agency)
The ISIS terrorist group has released another horrific video which purports to show the execution of a prisoner with a shotgun.
He is then seen having his hands tied behind his back being marched to an area of scrub land behind a stone wall beneath a hill where the killer fires a single round into the back of the victim’s
head causing horrific injuries.
The horrific video is released almost ten days after the terror group released a gruesome video showing the execution of a captured Jordanian pilot who was burned alive.
First Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh, 26, was captured by Islamic State militants on Dec. 24 after his F-16 fighter jet ent down over northern Syria. He was conducting a mission which is part of an American-led force that has been bombing the ISIS targets.
It seems not any more beheading, Crucifixion and other insane punishment satisfy ISIS terrorist and they chose burning people to death as a new method to threatening people.
last week ISIS/ISIL members as a 3rd Incident in a Week; ISIS Burns 16 Iraqis to Death. ISIS immolates victims in the western al-Islah neighborhood of the city, after the men refused to pledge allegiance to the terrorist group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
The development came on the same day as the ISIL militants immolated three civilians in the town of Hit, located about 140 kilometers west of Baghdad, after accusing them of collaborating with the Iraqi security forces.
According to reports ISIS terrorists have killed around 2,000 people in Syria during the past six months which includes mostly civilians.

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