Photos- First batch of Islamic banking and finance graduated in Damascus

20140224-225640 (1)al-Fateh Islamic Compound branch at al-Sham Higher institute for Religious sciences, Arabica language and Islamic research organized an honoring ceremony for the graduation of the first batch of students of Islamic banking and finance specialty at al-Assad Opera House.
In a speech during the ceremony, Minister of Awqaf Mohammad Abdul-Sattar al-Sayyed said that al-Sham Higher Institute is result of the clear and right vision of President Bashar al-Assad, who issued decree No. 48 to establish this scientific and religious edifice.
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The Minister pointed out that graduation of the first batch of al-Sham institution’s students is a message to the entire world which indicates that Syria was and still is home for science.
The participants in the graduation ceremony affirmed that Syria will come victorious out of the war, which is waged by the enemies of Islam.
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Minister of Awqaf and Minister of Higher Education honored the martyrs relatives of the students. The ceremony concluded with prayers and supplications to God to protect Syria and its people.

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