Photos of pro- rallies

People of Wadi al-Nadara in Homs march in support of army

20140322-142839_h (1)The people of Wadi al-Nadara in Homs western countryside marched Saturday through several towns of the province in support of Syrian Arab army and the national principles.
The participants chanted national slogans and women trilled in an outpouring of patriotic feelings, praising the feats of the Syrian army on the battlefield.
Joy over the army’s victories was writ large on faces. The participants said the sacrifices of the Syrian army have warded off the danger of extremism and terrorism targeting Syria with the aim to distort its history.
A number of students who joined the march said they sought to send out a message of determination to continue to their educational attainment, challenging by thus doing the attempts of terrorists and extremists to instill poisonous ideas in the minds of the Syrian generations.

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