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Palestinians of West Bank celebrate President al-Assad wining in elections

20140621-124515_hOn the occasion of President Bashar al-Assad winning in presidential elections, the Palestinian Popular Gathering for solidarity with Syria held Friday a mass celebration at the main square of Beit Rima village in the West Bank.

Patriarch Atta Allah Hanna, Theodosios of Sebastia took part in the event.

The participants affirmed that the win of President al-Assad in the elections is a genuine guarantee for the Syrians’ victory over the conspiracy and defeating the armed terrorist groups who are funded and armed by the western and colonial states.

They called for supporting Syria in the face of aggression , expressing confidence in the Syrians’ capability to gain victory and rebuild what has been sabotaged by terrorists.

The participants also showed solidarity with all captives and detainees at the Israeli prisons.

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