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Palestinian captive deliberately led to his death in zionist Israeli Prison

A Palestinian political prisoner from Jerusalem has died in hospital after Israeli prison authorities purposefully denied the man access to urgent medical attention.

Fifty-three year old, Aziz Awaisat, was today declared dead at the Assaf Harofeh hospital which is located roughly 15 kilometers away from central Tel-Aviv.

Due to the crippling health condition that Aziz Awaisat endured, Palestinian Prisoners Rights groups had for weeks been attempting to pressure Israeli authorities to treat and/or release Aziz, who was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment.

Aziz Awaisat had been in Israeli detention since 2014 and has been for some time in need of urgent medical attention. Awaisat was found to have sustained acute inflammation and also pulmanory pressure to his left lung, according to a medical examination carried out two days prior to his death.

Due to Israeli negligence the 53 yr old, from Jabal Al-Mukaber (Jerusalem), died yesterday after being kept alive on an artificial resperator machine.

There have been calls for an international commission of inquiry into the death of Aziz Awaisat, as of yet this request has gone unheard.

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