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Palestine Liberation Army Staff: We Support Syrian Army Against Conspiracy

indir (3)The Command of the Staff of the Palestine Liberation Army stressed its support to the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the unprecedented conspiracy aimed at undermining Syria’s security and stability.
In a statement on the 38th anniversary of the Earth Day Friday, the Staff said that the Earth Day is a source of pride to all Palestinian and Arab nation, as it constitutes a clear message that the Palestinians will retrieve their occupied lands and sanctities at all costs.
The statement stressed that the Israeli support to the armed groups indicates that the plot to destroy Syria is the purpose of the Israeli entity even though it is being perpetrated by local and Arab tools.
The statement also expressed pride that the Palestine Liberation Army is participating along with the Syrian Arab Army in confronting the terrorist groups, expressing readiness to exert all efforts to defend unity and independence of Syria.
The statement stated that Resistance is the guarantee of the Palestinian Cause after the majority of the Arab regimes have let down the Palestinian people, adding that the results of the last Arab summit in Kuwait were not surprising as the summit has forsaken its responsibilities regarding Palestine.


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