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Over 6000 killed in US-led coalition raids in Syria

Airstrikes by the so-called US-led anti-Daesh coalition have killed more than 6000 people in Syria since the beginning of the aerial military in late 2014, a monitoring group says.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Wednesday that 6004 people had been killed in coalition airstrikes in Syria during a period of 23 months, from September 23, 2014 to August 23, 2016.

Of the total figure released, 599 people were civilians, according to the pro-opposition group.

Some 163 children were also among the civilians killed in the coalition airstrikes.

The report further said that hundreds of people, most of them Daesh Takfiri militants, had been also injured in the air attacks.a2b59b9d-f05d-422f-8df5-6870f7cbf69c

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