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Over 18 Terrorists Killed in Syrian Forces’ Operations in Damascus Countryside

Informed sources said that the Syrian Armed Forces stormed the rebels’ fortifications in the nearby areas of Adra Quarries in the Eastern territories of Damascus governorate, and killed at least 18 militants in the battlefront.
The sources said that the Syrian Republican Guard, in coordination with the National Defense Forces (NDF), attacked the rebels of so-called Jeish Al-Islam and Al-Nusra Front at the two hills overlooking Dhahiyat Al-Assad; this powerful assault resulted in imposing full control over these hilltops by the Syrian soldiers.

Following their success in Dhahiyat Al-Assad, the Syrian Armed Forces stormed Jeish Al-Islam’s positions at the ‘Adra Quarries, killing 18 enemy combatants from the aforementioned group, while also capturing this area after a two-hour battle.

In addition to the capture of the ‘Adra Quarries, the Syrian Armed Forces captured the last hill overlooking the Harasta farms; this forced the rebels to retreat towards the Harasta orchards, where they were later confronted by the National Defense Forces (NDF).

On Sunday, Damascus said that at least 20 militiamen were killed in heavy clashes between the Syrian Army and the terrorist groups in Douma, Damascus province.

An Army unit destroyed a hideout of the terrorists in the area surrounding the Municipality Building in Douma city, killing more than 20 terrorists and injuring many others.

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