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Opposition Activist: Army’s Victory in Yabroud Playing Decisive Role in Syria War

13921227000311_PhotoI1A Syrian opposition leader admitted that regaining control over the strategic city of Yabroud has been an astonishingly great victory for the army, which will play a decisive role in the war in Syria.
“The advances made by the army in Yabroud are as important as victories in Al-Qussair,” Syrian Opposition activist Fateh Jamous told FNA on Tuesday, although he insisted that the crisis in Syria should be settled through non-military means.
He underlined that the Syrian army is capable of making many advances in different fronts and also gaining victories in the long-run.
The Syrian army on Sunday captured Yabroud, a former terrorist bastion in Syria near the Lebanese border. Lebanese security forces complained earlier that many of the car bombs used in previous suicide car attacks originated from the same city.
A large number of terrorists, including a commander of the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, were killed in the army’s operation.
Liberating Yabroud would help the government choke off the militants’ cross-border supply line.

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