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New Military Achievement in Islamic Resistance’s Op in Arsal’s Outskirts

Several terrorists were killed in an Islamic Resistance’s ambush in Syria’s Qalamoun region along the border with Lebanon.

Arsal outskirts

According to the information, “All members of a group of al-Nusra takfiri [militants] were killed in an ambush by the Resistance between the Syrian outskirts of the Lebanese towns of Arsal and Nahleh.”

In addition, al-Qaeda-affiliate al-Nusra Front field commander was killed in the ambush and a military vehicle was destroyed.

Al-Manar TV channel reported that the group belonged to Nusra’s Ghuraba Brigade.

In the past weeks, the Islamic Resistance announced that it has secured around a third of the Qalamoun region, on both the Lebanese and Syrian sides of the porous border.

The area of roughly 1,000 square kilometers is a landscape of imposing hillsides riddled with caves, and open valleys full of scrub and wildflowers.

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