Muslim dispersion hinders their advancement: Sunni cleric

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Mufti Qasem Qasemi, renowned Sunni cleric from Iran’s southeastern Province of Sistan and Baluchistan, in an interview with RASA News Agency highlighted importance of Islamic unity which is doubted by no one, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Iranian cleric stressed importance of finding the blocks on the path towards unity as well as the factors that boost solidarity among Muslims.

He said,” Besides elements necessary for boosting Islamic unity, it is also necessary to be open for embracing others, respecting them and giving them freedom of thoughts.”

Sunni scholar warned against pessimism, Takfir (excommunication) and ridiculing or sacrilegious acts as factors which desperate the younger generation and satisfy the enemies.

Mufti Qasemi also noted,” We should not provide the grounds for dispersion so that enemies make use of the opportunity to vent their hostility against Islam.”

Prominent Sunni cleric highlighted holy Qur’an as the axes of unity among all Muslims expressing hope for more Islamic solidarity.


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