Mufti Hassoun discusses with Islamic Action Front in Lebanon situation in Syria and region

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Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badr-Eddin Hassoun discussed with a delegation from Islamic Action Front in Lebanon the situation in the region, particularly the events taking place in Syria, which were dismissed as benefitting the Israeli enemy only.
During his meeting with the delegation in Beirut on Thursday, Hassoun stressed the importance of confronting the Zionist enemy, considering that Palestine is the “compass-bearer of ‘Jihad’ and resistance approaches,” stating that working on liberating Palestine is a national, pan-Arab and religious duty.
The Grand Mufti hailed the Islamic Action Front and its leadership, highlighting the role of the clerics in confronting extremism and terrorism that are being disguised under religion.
Mufti Hassoun arrived in Beirut on Tuesday to participate in the International Union of Resistance Clerics that was held with a massive presence of Muslim scholars, intellectuals and political figures from Arab and Islamic countries including Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Turkey.


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