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Mother al-Laham: international commission of inquiry on human rights in Syria is very selective and not independent at all


Mother Superior of St. Jacob Convent Fadia al-Laham stressed that the international commission of inquiry on human rights in Syria is “very selective” and not independent at all and as it follows certain political agendas.
“Today, we sent a strong message to the committee and we stopped all our dealings with it because it benefits from our existence to justify its comprehensiveness…It is not just in conveying the violations of human rights to the international community,” Mother al-Lahham told SANA correspondent in Moscow.
She added that the committee “hides many facts from the international community such as acts of sabotage in Adra industrial city and many other violations of human rights in the areas which are the strongholds of the armed terrorist organizations.”
She said that a delegation from the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society and from St. Jacob Convent will head for Geneva carrying with it the “White Book” which confounds the draconian acts of the terrorist organizations against innocent victims in Syria and Iraq and the outrageous foreign interference in Syria’s affairs in a way that creates and supports terrorism.
Mother al-Lahham indicated that the “White Book” has been prepared in cooperation between St. Jacob Convent and the Imperial Society assisted by the related bodies.
She said that her meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov on Friday was in the framework of “consultations between him and the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society,” adding “we tackled all projects carried out in Syria by the Society and St. Jacob Convent ..”
“Talks also dealt with our activities, on top which our visit to Geneva for the fourth time,” she said “a delegation from the society will head for Damascus to collect as much information as possible to expand the book.”
In a relevant context, in a press conference held in Moscow, Mother Fadia al-Laham called upon Russia as a major country to enhance the cultural and humanitarian diversity and protect the Christians in the East as they are suffering from “the barbarian terrorist invasion of their areas.”
She thanked Bogdanov for the efforts he exerts to achieve an honorable inter-Syrian peace, saying ” Russia has never interfered in Syria, but it has always been calling for halting violence in it and it has always affirmed that the Syrian people only can determine their fate…”
“We have been living a peaceful and dignified life in Syria, and we haven’t felt of any violation of our rights till the appearance of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which they want us to accept without any discussion, yet it brought to us a barbarian and bloody dangerous war,” Mother al-Laham said.
She wondered how the Western countries claim that they are fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ” ISIS” while at the same time they are the ones who have created and financed it in cooperation with some Arab countries.
“After three years of war against Syria, what the foreign interference has brought to us?… now we feel of danger while in the past we were enjoying a life of solidarity and common culture… today they impose on us isolation, division and killing…Terrorists want us to pay Jizya “tribute” for being Christians or to leave the country,” she lamented.
She talked about the violations perpetrated by terrorists against women as they rape them and sell them in the slaves markets, indicating that the terrorists also prevented children from studying in many areas which are under their control and many contagious diseases have spread in these areas.
She criticized some TV channels such as al-Jazeera, CNN and France 24 who depict terrorists as heroes in a time when they came from more than 100 countries of the world to Syria destroy the mosques and churches and to commit the most obnoxious acts of sabotage.
Earlier on Friday, Bogdanov discussed with mother al-Laham in Moscow the situation in Syria and the region focusing on the humanitarian scene and the situation of the displaced Syrians in Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.

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