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More foreign militants killed in Syrian army ops

Scores of militants with foreign nationality have been killed in ongoing operations by Syrian armed forces in western and northern parts of the country.

Syria’s official SANA news agency said Monday that government forces attacked the positions of the militants in three villages in the western province of Lattakia, killing many of them and destroying their weaponry.

The report designated the militants as non-Syrians, saying they were backed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The death of foreign-national militants came one day after a notorious commander of the Daesh Takfiri group, whom Damascus identified as a French national, was killed in the northern province of Aleppo. Omar Diaby, better known as Omar Omsen, was killed after he sustained serious injuries in clashes with Syrian troops.

The French media said he was of dual French and Senegalese nationality and had played a major role in enticing other people in his hometown of Nice to join Daesh in Syria.

Syria has accused some governments in the Middle East and in Europe of indirectly supporting four years of militancy in the country, including by allowing their extremist nationals to leave their homelands and join the terrorist groups operating on Syrian soil.

Elsewhere in Syria, government forces launched an attack on the hideouts of militants in two villages north of Jisr al-Shughour city, in the northwestern Idlib province, killing and injuring a number of them.

The Monday report by SANA said the foreign nationals killed in Idlib were members of the so-called Jaish al-Fath terrorist group which, according to the Syrian government, has developed close links with the government in Turkey. Ankara has dismissed charges of cooperating with militants in Syria although it actively seeks the fall of the Arab country’s president Bashar al-Assad.

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