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Minister: Higher relief committee keen on cooperation with international organizations

20140227-171430_h530486Social Affairs Minister, Dr. Kinda al-Shammat stressed the interest of the Higher Relief Committee in cooperation and coordination with the UN humanitarian relief organizations in Syria through the humanitarian response plan signed between the government and the organizations.

During the Committee meeting on Thursday, al-Shammat, who is the chairwoman of the Committee, pointed to a comprehensive plan for an equitable aid distribution to the affected people in all areas, indicating that ”terrorism lies at the root of the problem”, that is blocking aid transfers to some areas.

Al-Shammat ordered that a central committee set up for regulating and preparing accurate data about the families of martyrs, the injured and kidnapped.

Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Houssam Eddin Ala stressed the importance of bolstering cooperation between the Syrian government and the international aid organizations in the context of respecting national sovereignty and the UN resolutions.

Tartous governor, Nizar Moussa said the government is working to offer humanitarian assistance to the affected families through subcommittees tasked with following up on their situation.

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