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Military Sources: Syrian Army in Full Control over Strategic Hill, Town in Lattakia Countryside

Syrian military sources strongly rejected a media report alleging that the Takfiri terrorists had gained control over a strategic hill and town in Lattakia countryside.

Some western and Arab media had claimed that the Takfiri terrorists had taken control of Dourin hill and town in Lattakia countryside.

“The army is still in control of strategic Dourin hill and town in Lattakia,” a Syrian military source told FNA on Friday.

On Tuesday, the Syrian army made more advances in the Lattakia countryside and captured strategic villages, killing tens of Takfiri terrorists in heavy clashes.

The Syrian army captured al-Maroniat and al-Tifahia villages in Lattakia, and killed notorious terrorists, including Maher al-Dibss, Mahran Janodi, Rabea Shakir, Mahmoud Fadil and the Jordanian Abad al-Fatah Oda.

The army operations also resulted in the destruction of a number of vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns in Marj Shibly and Jab Qatto in addition to the death of many terrorists, including Omar Radwan and Omran Attia.

Other units thwarted a terrorist attack in an area near peak of al-Nabi Younis Mountain towards Roiset al-Sheikh Mohamed and Roiset al-Mathlaja and Katf Mrishod, killing tens of terrorists.

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