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Military Expert: Jordan Fueling Crisis in Southern Syria


A senior military expert disclosed that the Jordanian government is responsible for the escalation of crisis in Southern Syria.
“The position of the government of Jordan has not changed since the start of the crisis in Syria (in March 2011), so the role that Amman has played in Syria is like other Arab regimes and western countries,” Syrian Military Expert Major General Sabet Mohammad told FNA on Wednesday.

He complained that since the beginning of Syrian crisis Amman has trained terrorists and sent them to Syria by using the military bases throughout Jordan.

The Syrian military export noted that the Salafi-Takfiri current is very strong in Jordan and many Jordanians have been attracted by the Takfiri current, adding that the Jordanian government sends Takfiris to Syria to weaken them and control them.

He pointed to the operations of the Syrian army in the Southern parts of the country, and said, “The Syrian army is resolutely continuing its military operations in Southern Syria and we see that the Syrian troops have taken the initiative in Deraa province and it is a great success for the Syrian army that it is now fighting against the terrorist groups in more than 700 fronts.”

Last month, Ex-Jordanian Premier Ma’rouf Bikheet disclosed that a Jordanian “haven” is currently present in Jordan comprising of 2000 to 4000 Takfiris, pointing out that 1300 of them are currently fighting with ISIL terrorist organization.

“The division of Syria and Iraq is the main danger facing Jordan, which means a Sunni government will be the neighbor of Jordan controlled by ISIL thoughts,” he Bikheet said.

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