Enemies of Syria

Mikdad: Turkey coordinates with Muslim Brotherhood and Israel


Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad stressed the standing coordination between the Israeli enemy and the Muslim Brotherhood, with the Islamist movement being all the way aided and abetted by the Turkish side.
He pointed out in an interview with the Egyptian al-Ahram newspaper, as part of a special file on Syria, that Muslim Brotherhood has been the tool which the US used to implement its plan to change the situation in the Middle East region through reliance on political Islam.
Mikdad noted that Syria has documents proving that meetings were held in the Turkish city of Istanbul in the 1990s that brought together Muslim Brotherhood delegations from Egypt and other Arab countries and the American and Israeli intelligence under the supervision of the Turkish side.
The coordination has been continued until the “Arab Spring” started, he said, adding that it was not by chance to have the Muslim Brotherhood coming to power in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia.
Mikdad said Turkey has been involved in the events in Syria through playing a subversive role, noting that Turkey’s real intentions only came to surface with the arrival of the so-called “Arab Spring”.
After its involvement in undermining Libya, Mikdad noted, the Turkish government got involved in the situation in Syria and bet on the fall of the Syrian state within a maximum period of two weeks.
He affirmed that the Turkish government has contributed to proving weapons and fighters to almost every terrorist group in the Islamic world.
He also made it clear that the creation and flow of the extremist terrorist organizations and fighters who flooded Syria and other countries in the region have been with the full knowledge of the European security services.

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