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Mikdad: The West hasn’t learnt yet how to deal with Syria’s principled stances


Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad on Saturday reiterated that the Western countries haven’t learnt yet how to deal with Syria which adopts courageous and principled stances represented in defending its people’s interests and through holding the elections which embodied their decision and aspirations.
“The attack against the leadership in Syria came in the same context of attacking any leadership that defends the principles of its people and their right in defending their land, honor and dignity and in fighting hegemony, tyranny and foreign occupation,” Mikdad wrote in article published Saturday by the Lebanese al-Binaa daily.
He added that “The western barbarian policies towards Syria have been expected as Syria has always defended the values of its nation, issues of its people and its sovereignty and independent decision.”
Mikdad decried the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by the US and European Union on Syria, Russia, China, Iran and other countries with the aim of undermining their developmental abilities and their aspirations to build a world where freedom and creative international cooperation spread.
He added that few days ago, Europeans forged a “satanic paper” on Syria at the EU headquarters in Brussels through which they claimed that they found solutions to what is taking place in the country, while in reality, they defined ways of continuing to kill Syrian people and to support terrorism and to destroy the infrastructure.
“The Western countries are blemishing their fame through allying with mean regimes in the Arabian Gulf including Saudi Arabia which is still living in the Middle Ages” Mikdad added.
“With the forthcoming Christmas and new year, we expect the West to halt the policies of killing, hypocrisy, destruction and supporting terrorism and to respect the values of other nations which were consolidated by Jesus Christ…We expect them to give up their imperial and colonial dreams and to build a world where peace, equality and mutual respect prevail.” Mikdad concluded.

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