Map of the Syrian Army’s progression in rural Damascus

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has made remarkable progress at the rural Damascus front over the last three years, seizing large chunks of both the West Ghouta and East Ghouta.

Led by the 105th Brigade of the Republican Guard and the prestigious 4th Mechanized Division, the Syrian Arab Army has effectively captured villages and towns that were considered almost untouchable in 2013.

Two maps of the Damascus, showing the significant differences between 2013 and 2016.

As the above map illustrates, the Syrian Arab Army has recaptured half of the East Ghouta from Jaysh Al-Islam (Army of Islam), while also eliminating several pockets in the West Ghouta.

With the Islamist rebels surrendering more suburbs to the Syrian Armed Forces, the East Ghouta pocket could be recaptured by the end of 2017.


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