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Lockheed may sell Iran commercial copters


An American aerospace giant is considering selling Iran commercial helicopters in the wake of a lift on sanctions imposed on Tehran over its nuclear program.

Lockheed Martin Corp, the largest arms maker in the US, is said to be considering the idea, Reuters reported Saturday, citing an official with Sikorsky, a subsidiary of the company.

The choppers could be Sikorsky’s S-76 and longer-range S-92.

Sikorsky’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing Nathalie Previte made the comments at the Berlin Air Show, further seeking a green light from authorities in Washington.

“I want to understand the US government’s policy about what can be done and what can we not do, and really clear everything with the U.S. government even before we start completing the analysis,” Previte said.

Apart from working on the US government’s regulatory and compliance issues, the company is also studying which of its products could be sold in Iran.

Another Lockheed Vice-President, Steve O’Bryan said the company would approach the sales with caution.

“We’re looking at it, of course, but we’re going to take a very conservative approach on this,” he said.

This is the first time since the 1979 Islamic Revolution that the company is looking into a transaction with Tehran.

Boeing and Airbus are two other Western companies vying to enter the Iranian market.

Myriads of foreign companies are rushing to invest in Iran after last year’s nuclear deal between Tehran and the 5+1 group.

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