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Locals clash with ISILterrorists in Deir Ezzor towns after women capture


A source in the northeastern province of Deir Ezzor reported that the locals of Sbeihan and al-Dweir towns clashed with terrorists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
Speaking to SANA reporter, the source said the clashes broke out after ISIS terrorists held a number of women from the two towns captive, stressing that scores of the terrorists were killed.
This is not the first time such clashes erupt between locals and members of terrorist organizations, as those organizations, particularly ISIS, have been committing unspeakable atrocities against civilians in the areas under their control that have drawn the ire of the residents.
Examples of those atrocities included abduction, killing, gang-rape, mutilation, decapitation and crucifixion. The latest of such abhorrent crimes took place on December 9 where ISIS terrorists murdered, decapitated and crucified four civilians in al-Bukamal city in Deir Ezzor.

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