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Lieberman: Hizbullah More Determined, Bolder…Forced New Rules of Game

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Zionist regime Foreign Minister Lieberman confirmed that Hizbullah changed the rules of the game.

According to the “Israeli” minister, “A fourth operation in the Gaza Strip is inevitable, just as a third Lebanon war is inevitable.”

“”Israel’s” deterrence has been compromised following the Hizbullah attack last week that left two “Israeli” soldiers dead and 7 others wounded,” and what he considered to be an insufficient response from the Zionist entity.

“Don’t let them tell us stories about how Hamas is begging and they’re on their knees. We saw 10 rockets being fired at the sea last week. We see every week how they’re rebuilding (their arsenal),” he said.

“There’s no doubt the rules of the game have been change, what Hizbullah forced upon us. We don’t respond, but rather decide to contain this incident. I think that’s completely unreasonable. Hizbullah is bolder, more determined, more provocative. This is a precedent that everyone’s following, they’re following our response or lack thereof,” Lieberman went on to say.

Lieberman also stressed his party will not sit in a “left-wing government.”

“We won’t be partners to a left-wing government, we never were. We always clearly defined what we’re capable of and what we’re not capable of. We never zigzaged and never led anyone astray,” he said. “At the moment there are two realistic options – a right wing government, or a unity government led by the right.”

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