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Lebanon’s Hezbollah welcomes army action on Arsal terrorists

Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement has welcomed the nation’s army intervention in the border town of Arsal to combat Takfiri terrorists that have fled Syria.

According to Press TV, Hezbollah’s Deputy Chairman of Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouk on Sunday said “The party welcomes the Lebanese army’s entrance into the town and looks toward its reinforced presence.”

According to Daily Star, speaking at a Hezbollah ceremony in south Lebanon, he said that Hezbollah forces would not allow the outskirts of Arsal to remain a haven for Takfiri terrorists.

He stressed that the Lebanese people would not tolerate the continued captivity of 25 Lebanese army soldiers by Takfiri terrorists affiliated with the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra Front.
The Takfiri terrorists have been holed up in the mountains surrounding Arsal since spring 2014.

Qaouk also said that “Hezbollah has no problem with the residents or the town of Arsal.”

Hezbollah has already warned that it would move in to the outskirts of Arsal to push the Takfiri terrorists out of the Lebanese territory in case the army fails to take action.

Referring to efforts by Lebanon’s Saudi-backed Future Movement to block Hezbollah’s move against the Takfiri terrorists, Qaouk said some Lebanese political parties want to keep Arsal as a “dagger stuck in the back of the resistance, the army and the people.”

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