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Lebanon to Encounter Immigration of Defeated Terrorists… ’Israel’ Fettered

S.tank_As the Syrian army regained control over the town of ZaraSyrian Army in Homs and that of Yabroud in Damascus, the bordering arc along the two provinces was secured, leading to a strategic victory which eliminated the militant plots against the capital.
Damascus and all the coast are now considered the demographic, economic and political center in Syria; thus, protecting it from the terrorist groups crossed out all the possibilities of defeating the Syrian government in the ongoing crisis.
How would Qalamoun’s victory affect Lebanon’s security?
In an interview to Al-Manar website, the strategic expertHotait General Amin Hotait, revealed that around 2500 militants escaped from Qalamoun towns into the Lebanese town of Arsal and that they pose a real threat against Lebanon’s security unless they are encountered.
General Hotait considered that there are four elements which can reduce the terrorist threat in Lebanon.
1. Repulsion of Lebanese social environment: The militants must not gain an embracing environment, what will complicate their plots.
2. Clear Political Decision: The government and all the Lebanese political factions must boldly announce their readiness to face the terrorist groups.
3. Military Capabilities: The Lebanese army must be provided with all the means to fight the militants, knowing that it is overloaded with missions all over the country.
4. Strict Security Measures: The targeted areas must be ready to encounter the terrorist threat.
Hotait pointed out that the al-Mustaqbal political party must take a clear decision to face this terrorist phenomenon in Lebanon, especially that it took over the main security ministries in the new Lebanese government.
Can Israel break the “Balance of Deterrence” and help the terrorist groups?
General Amin Hotait considered that when Israel targeted Hezbollah garrison in Bekaa, it had two main aims:
1. Strategic:Rockets To break the balance of deterrence which was set after 2006 war.
2. Temporary: To provide the Saudis and their militant groups in Syria and Lebanon with a moral support.
“However, the resistance axis’s response (Detonation of explosives at borders) frustrated the Israeli plot,” Hotait asserted.
Israel is unable to launch a war against Lebanon, yet the skirmishes at the Lebanese-Palestinian borders and on the Golan Heights will continue, he added.
The Zionist-terrorist threat against Lebanon is real and serious, yet accumulating the efforts of the army and the resistance can overcome those challenges.

Source: Al-Manar Website

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