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Lebanese Prominent Clerics: Resistance broke invincibility legend of Israel


Friday prayer leaders of Lebanon focused on the recent terror attack in France hailing resistance movement for breaking the legends on invincibility of Israel, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

Ayatollah Afif Nablosi, prayer leader of Sidon in his sermon praised resistance members as the best examples of perseverance and sacrifice saying,” Resistance made it to break the invincibility legend of Israel and the so far wars have shown that Israeli army is a shaky puppet which withdraws with humiliation.”

The cleric stressed cooperation of the army and resistance plays a positive role in promotion of the war and foiling the hostile intrigues.

Sheikh Soheib Hebli, Sunni prayer leader of Ibrahim Mosque in Sidon denounced the recent terror attack in France calling the event a proof for global aspect of terrorism.

He stressed that France terror attack highlights the need for a global stance against terrorism which is spreading in a cancerous way.

He noted that some political parties should be gratifying for the role of resistance in Syria front and its cooperation for preventing terrorism from Lebanon.

Ayatollah Abdul Amir Kabalan, deputy of the Shia Islamic Council in Lebanon also rebuked Nice terror attack stressing,” Massacre of civilians is proof that terrorism is a satanic plague which indiscriminately targets people from all nationalities and regions.

He called for more counter-terrorism efforts and stemming the plagues as an enemy of humanity extending his condolences for French government and nation.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Ali Fadhl Allah, in his Friday sermon referred to enemies struggles to revenge its failure back in the year 2000 and prepare for a greater Middle East in a bid to carry out its expansionist projects though it never made it to achieve its objectives.

He stressed,” Army and the resistance remained and the nations supported them to keep an ever concern for enemies and hinder realization of its objectives.”

Lebanese cleric denounced the recent terror attack in France which has led to killing of tens of the civilians.

He said,” we regret that some call this event as an Islamic terrorism because terrorism has no religion and it is the holy religion of Islam which admits the greatest lost. It is in fact the first victim of such events.”

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