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Lebanese politician supporters Hezbollah anti-terror operations

The Leader of Lebanon’s Free Patriotic Movement, Michel Aoun, has voiced support for the Hezbollah forces’ anti-terrorism operations across the Syrian-Lebanese borders.

According to IRIB World Service, Michel Aoun, on Saturday lauded the anti-terror operations of Hezbollah across Syria-Lebanon borders; noting that terrorists should be uprooted in these frontier regions in the shortest possible time.

He lashed out at those, who chide Hezbollah for its war on terrorists, while adding that the resistance will not leave Lebanon on its own.

Lebanese Hezbollah combatants have launched the cleanup operations against terrorists throughout northeastern Lebanon and Syria-Lebanon borders in the recent three weeks, which have been largely successful.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese army has also staged a number of operations to prevent the occupation of regions by terrorists.

As of the launch of cleanup operations by Hezbollah and Lebanese army against terrorists, the Future Movement which supports the Saudi regime, voices opposition to these mop-up operations.

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