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Lebanese Cleric: Iran, intermingled with victory and resistance



Top Lebanee Sunni Cleric Sheikh Maher Hamoud, secretary general of the union of resistance scholars, in his Friday sermon in Quds Mosque, Sidon, expressed regret over the negative view of some Arab states towards Islamic Republic of Iran and noted that the name of Iran has been tied with victory and resistance for the past 38 years while some Arab governments are mixed with lag and failure, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He noted, ” Iran has caused ascendance of Islamic meanings bringing a contemporary thought of the holy religion” and added,” This country has maintained its objectives mightily despite economic sanctions, imposed military and non-military offensives and tough media and religious warfare.”

Sunni cleric stressed Palestine’s constant loyalty for Iran and noted the sufferings of the Islamic republic due to western boycotts and accusations over its support for the oppressed nations.

Sheikh Maher Hamoud also hailed Iran for its commitment to Islamic unity and expressed regret that formation of a unified Islamic body has not realized yet.

Secretary general of the scholars’ resistance union noted highlighted the difference of Arab countries with Iran and said,” We have witnessed how Arab dictators have acted and how their operation has led to terrorism, corruption and extremism.”

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