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Lattakia Governor receives delegation of International Peace Activist Group

20140411-215401_h538478 (1)Lattakia Governor Ahmad Sheikh Abdul-Qader said that the Syrians are introducing astonishing examples of high national sense through the martyrs they are providing in defense of their homeland and through their reception of all displaced persons coming from other areas due to the acts of the armed terrorist groups.
The remarks came during receiving a delegation of the International Peace Activists Group that started a visit to Lattakia Friday to inspect the reality of the situation in Syria.
Governor Abdul-Qader said that the Syrians are facing a global plot with awareness and steadfastness, adding that the terrorists have committed massacres against the Syrians, the last of which was the massacre committed against the Armenians in northern Lattakia countryside, which was perpetrated under Turkish support.
For her part, Head of the delegation Nobel awarded-winner, Mairead Maguire said that world peace activists are increasingly interested in the Syrian situation, adding that she is working along with the members of the delegation to consolidate humanitarian solidarity with the Syrian people as to stop the barbaric aggressions committed by terrorists who came to the country from all of the world’s corners.
She added that “We are here to provide all forms of support through just media outlets that aim at conveying the truth without distortion,” adding that many media institutions are involved in misguiding campaign in regard with the situation and events in Syria.
Members of the delegation said that the European street is now more aware of the events in Syria and is beginning to realize the volume of foreign interference in it and the numbers of mercenary fighters who are coming to it from abroad.
They expressed their deepest affection to the Syrian people and their civilization, saying that the Syrians calls for coexistence and amity, adding that they came to Syria to express their rejection of any aggression on the country.
Members of the delegation also visited the Armenian Orthodox Church of the Virgin Lady in Lattakia to take a close look at the situation of the families who have been displaced from Kassab.
The church has turned into a makeshift center for families who have been displaced from Kassab area after terrorists stormed the Armenian-populated city, backed by the government of the Turkish PM Erdogan.

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