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Larijani: US war against terrorism is tactical


In a joint press conference with Syrian Speaker Jihad al-Laham here on Sunday, Majlis (parliament) Speaker Ali Larijani said US war against terrorism is tactical. At the beginning of the conference, al-Laham appreciated Iran’s support and expressed regret over enmity of certain regional countries against Syria.

Larijani said during his meetings with Syrian president and parliament speaker, they discussed important regional issues, especially terrorism. He said terrorism is not just in Syria, but many Islamic countries are involved by terrorism and this important issue must be taken into consideration.

Majlis speaker said many countries, officials of which talk about terrorism and Syria, stood next to the Zionist regime in wars against Lebanon and Palestine. He added there might be some problems in Syria, which should be removed, but not by weapons.

On Russian initiative to settle Syrian crisis, Larijani said, ‘We are in close contact with our Russian friends; we are trying to find a political solution to help our Syrian brothers.’

On new plot of certain countries to decrease the price of oil, Larijani said,’ We have different scenarios to administer our country, but we do not forget plotters in this concern.’

On a question about Turkey’s role, Larijani said Turkey’s foreign minister recently paid a visit to Tehran and he had tough stance against ISIS and underlined a political solution for settling the issue.

‘I hope that Turks continue this way and the situation in the region will change,’ Larijani added.

‘Crisis in Syria and problems in the region are beneficial for the Zionist regime and we hope regional countries understand why we are standing close to Syria,’ said Larijani.

Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, for his part, said, ‘We will appropriately respond to the Zionist regime attacks, which are in support of Takfiri terrorists.’

Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani in his first leg of regional tour arrived in Syria on Sunday morning heading a high ranking delegation including Foreign Ministry officials and parliamentarian.

Larijani regional tour will also take him to Lebanon and Iraq after the end of the Damascus visit.

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