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Larijani: Iran Has Proof Showing Israel’s Strong Support for Terrorists in Syria

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani underlined that Tehran has gained compelling evidence substantiating Israel’s full support for the terrorist groups in Syria.
“We have received reliable information from Syria that proves Israel is interacting with the terrorist groups,” Larijani said, addressing a meeting on ‘Freedom of Holy Quds’ in Tehran on Tuesday.

The Iranian parliament speaker, meantime, welcomed the upcoming conference on the Palestinian issue, as the most important issue of the Muslim world.

He pointed to the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, and said, “The Zionist regime has been defeated in the past three decades and that’s why the big powers continue their support for the regime.”

In relevant remarks last month, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said that western states’ policy of fomenting crises in different regional states to guarantee Israel’s security is wrong.

“The western states are stirring crisis to provide the security of the Zionist regime, and they are definitely making an irreparable miscalculation,” Shamkhani said in a meeting with Syrian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham in Tehran in early June.

“The recent experiences have shown that terrorism is a double-edged sword that will cleave its supporters’ chests too,” he added.

Shamkhani described Syria as the forefront of defending the Muslim territories against the Zionist regime and Takfiri terrorism, and said weakening Syria will exacerbate the security situation in all the neighboring states and the region.

The International Quds Day is an annual event opposing Israel’s occupation of Beitul-Muqaddas. Anti-Zionist rallies and demonstrations are held on the last Friday of Ramadan in Muslim and Arab countries around the world, specially in Iran, as well as a large number of non-Muslim states.

The International Quds Day was started by the late Founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, in 1979 as a way of expressing solidarity with the Palestinians and underscoring importance of the holy Quds to Muslims.

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