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Kurds Vow to Liberate Kobani Neighboring Villages

Kurdish fighters who regained on Monday the city of Ein-Arab (Kobanî) on the Syrian border with Turkey, state Tuesday they would continue to fight to expel the militants of the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL) terrorist group from neighboring areas of the city, indicating it is “the beginning of the collapse” of the takfiri organization.

In a statement of the People Protection Units Monday evening, Kurds said that “Kobanî war was crucial for ISIL mercenaries” and that “ISIL defeat in Kobanî signifies the beginning of the end of ISIL mercenaries.”

“We, People Protection Units, know that our duty hasn’t been accomplished yet. Because we have to liberate Kobanî county areas, thus we renew our pledge to complete our campaign and achieve victories,” the statement read.

The most prominent military force across the Syrian Kurds expressed confidence that “victories will persist against ISIL mercenaries, because no one can stand against the will of the people, and soon we will announce good news of other victories to our people.”

Moreover, the statement PPU thanked “all who supported us and helped us in this campaign of resistance and liberation,” describing “the liberation of Kobanî city in full” as “a triumph of Ava Revolution (Western Kurdistan) and democratic and humanitarian Syria against the brutality and darkness of ISIL mercenaries.”

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